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Marlton's First Veterinary Practice

Caring for your pets

 Since 1971

Phone: (856)-983-5350

Fax: (856)-983-3655


            We are a full service hospital with the capability of offering radiology, laboratory, surgical, dental services to our clients.  We also have medically-supervised boarding available.  Our main goal at the Marlton Animal Hospital is to provide the quality veterinary care necessary to ensure your pet a healthy and happy life. 

            We hope you won't ever need us except for vaccines and wellness check-ups, however if the need arises and your pet is injured or sick we are here for you, and ready to offer the help needed to deal with whatever problem may arise.  Our motto is "We Care" because the Doctors, Technicians, Receptionists, and Support Staff truly do care for you and your pet.  As a team we will do everything possible to prevent disease, treat your pet's illness or injuries, and be emotionally supportive to you when your pet is having a  problem.

            We have established good relationships with all the specialists in our area, and should the need arise we will consult by phone or refer you for further in-depth diagnostic procedures or treatment if necessary.  This is yet another was in which the Marlton Animal Hospital offers the best that veterinary medicine has to offer.

        If you have a question our site can't answer, please do not hesitate to call us.

        Our reception desk hours are as follows:

               Monday - Friday:    8 am to 9 pm, (Appointments starting at 9 am)

               Saturday:                8 am to 1 pm, (Appointments starting at 9 am)

               Sunday:                 12 noon to 2 pm, (No appointments - Boarding Admissions, hospital and boarding  discharges only)


Marlton Animal Hospital P.A.

9 West Main Street

Marlton, NJ 08053



The information contained on this site is a guide only.  It does not substitute for personal professional veterinary advice.  Please contact us at 856-983-5350 to make an appointment for consultations for medical conditions.  Please do not attempt a diagnosis of or treatment of conditions by yourself, and please don't ask us to try to make a diagnosis without seeing your pet first.

The links and other information contained on this site are for your reference and convenience only.  Their content is not under our control, nor are they endorsed in any way by the Marlton Animal Hospital.  The Marlton Animal Hospital is not liable for any information or services linked to this site.

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